Ryan recently relocated from Orlando to open his own office here in Greenville.  He studied at the University of Central Florida where he received his bachelors in political science.

His favorite thing to do during his time off is to binge watch Netflix with his cat, Arya.  He enjoys pizza and swears by the quote, “One bite, everyone knows the rules.”  Three things that he could never imagine leaving the house without are his phone, MacBook, and watch.

Ryan began his journey working with the company three years ago.  Although he had never worked in sales or marketing, he found success and was able to open his own office.  He wanted to get into the business to be his own boss, and to provide advancement opportunities to others.

The motto Ryan lives by is, “if you ain’t first, you’re last.” (-Ricky bobby)

Carey is passionate about providing opportunity for others. Raised in Fountain Inn, SC, she enjoys watching Greenville grow.  She attended the University of South Carolina in Columbia and has a bachelors degree in public relations. 

If you say “Thank you.”, chances are she will say “My pleasure.” For most of her time at USC (Go Gamecocks!), she worked for Chick-fil-A and continues that stewardship mentality in her other ventures. 

In her spare-time, she enjoys building computers and gaming. Carey’s motivators are her family and food. 

She started her career with the company in February of 2019. Her best advice is to keep investing in yourself every day. 

Andrew grew up in Blacksburg, Virginia (Go Hokies!) He received his MBBS EBMS at Full Sail University. Following graduation, he moved to South Carolina. He has been working with Premier Marketing Concepts since 2017. Prior to PMC, he worked in the restaurant and bar industry. He’s a true foodie and loves making tacos as much as he loves eating them!

Playing guitar is one of Andrew’s favorite pastime activities. He enjoys singing and song wringing as well. Andrew’s family is who inspires him to be successful everyday. The opportunity for advancement is what drew him to working with us. In fact, he strives to open his own office in addition to moving to Nashville, TN to start a music business. 

The best advice Andrew believes in is to focus on your goals and have consistency “Hard work beats talent every day.” He attributes his strong work ethic to his success with us. 

Premier Marketing Concepts is hiring! This could be you.