Ryan recently relocated from Orlando to open his own office here in Greenville.  He studied at the University of Central Florida where he received his bachelors in political science.

His favorite thing to do during his time off is to binge watch Netflix with his cat, Arya.  He enjoys pizza and swears by the quote, “One bite, everyone knows the rules.”  Three things that he could never imagine leaving the house without are his phone, MacBook, and watch.

Ryan began his journey working with the company three years ago.  Although he had never worked in sales or marketing, he found success and was able to open his own office.  He wanted to get into the business to be his own boss, and to provide advancement opportunities to others.

The motto Ryan lives by is, “if you ain’t first, you’re last.” (-Ricky bobby)

Jennifer relocated to the Greenville area from Northern Virginia.  She attended Liberty University and George Mason University where she majored in Photography and Printmaking. Jennifer enjoys getting sushi on Saturday nights with her coworkers and her favorite thing to do is nap on her hammock.

Jennifer started working with the company in March of 2017.  Prior to working in HR, she worked as a portrait photographer.  She enjoys the growth opportunities as well as business trips she’s able to take.  So far, she has attended conferences in Atlanta, Georgia and Dallas, Texas.  The most notable thing she’s learned thus far is to stay present in the moment and to celebrate small successes.  

The best advice for anyone interested in embarking on this career path is to come in with a student mentality and willingness to give it your all and you’ll find success with whatever path you choose to pursue.

Josh was born and raised in LA.  He graduated with a BS in Criminal Justice at Sam Houston State University in 2017.  Fast forward one year and he became a transplant to the Greenville area and began working with us at PMC.  In his spare time, he enjoys cooking Italian food and lacrosse.  He was a lax captain and coach previously; he believes sports have solidified the competitive edge in him. 

Josh’s favorite aspect of working here is that he’s able to meet new people and the vast amount of growth opportunities available.  He strives to become an owner by 2019.  Although he had no prior sales or marketing experience, he’s been on the path to owning his own company through self-motivation and the drive to help others achieve success.    

The best advice that Josh can give to anyone interested in joining our team is to be apart of our team nights, events, and business trips. 

Bio is coming soon